The whitepaper is an evolving document of the most recent project updates and is subject to change throughout development. Last updated 28th February 2022.
Blockchain gaming has introduced a new dynamic in the gaming industry, changing what it truly means to be rewarded for your time spent playing. Rare items, Limited Edition Skins, Battle Passes and Trophies/Titles, etc., all transcend their original perceived value when players are given complete ownership of the digital assets. Time is an investment and now, players are finally able to see their return with Play to Earn gaming.
But-, it’s not all about earning. Our team puts emphasis on the “Play” and believes high quality gameplay is the driving force to player satisfaction. Simply put: Just because a job may pay a decent salary, does not mean everyone will enjoy performing that job. A game shouldn’t feel like one either. Hanzo MMORPG will be designed to fit both crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike, creating a harmonic balance between the two. Players who show skill, effort and/or loyalty will be rewarded with assets they have true ownership over and will be able to freely trade them on an open marketplace. We know mass adoption requires a low barrier of entry. Our goal is to create a seamless experience when interacting with the blockchain, without overwhelming a new player starting the game.
We are excited to build our game along side our community. To receive direct feedback from our future player base, we will be hosting frequent AMA’s, dev talks, presentations, and casual live streams of Work in Progress (WIP) throughout development. You will be able to actively participate in game design discussions from time to time and watch the project flourish.
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