Damage Per Second (DPS)
Ninja Class Sheet
Class-Description: Ninjas are versed in a variety of martial arts techniques that keep them light on their feet. They do the most damage sneaking up on their foes when they least expect it. Ninja's have a keen eye for enemy vulnerabilities and know to strike their foes where it hurts most.
Class-Mechanics: Ninjas use Energy for attacks. Energy regenerates fast in short attack successions, but if too much is used too quickly it will require more time to recover. Ninja's need to be able to provide consistent damage output and angle themselves where they will take the fewest amount of hits. They tend to take more damage than other Classes, but are able to evade attacks and quickly remove themselves from combat.
Class-Resources: Energy Each Ability of the Ninja requires the use of Energy points. Energy has an initial maximum value of 100 and regenerates at a rate every second. Players will need to keep close watch on their Energy Bars and position themselves well in order to avoid getting caught exposed with no Energy.
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