Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide Class Sheet
Class-Description: Spirit Guides are deeply connected to the Great Spirits. They use their energy to protect and heal their allies. They are versed in the Ancient Rituals and use their powers in good nature to support their allies. The Spirit Guides are protective and will face any enemy that disrupts peace or threatens their home.
Class-Mechanics: Spirit Guides study the Ancient Rituals to cast spells. There abilities have slower cast times, but are most often ranged attacks that have area effects (AOE). Spells can Heal or Buff allies, Damage enemies, or place Status Effects upon them (Crowd Control).
Class-Resources: Mana Spells require the use of Mana Points. Mana has a slow regeneration period. Players will need to carefully choose when to use their abilities and carry a good number of potions in order to refill their Mana Bars.
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