Combat & Skills

Basic description of the initial combat system. Combat and Skills are subject to change through development.
Hanzo MMORPG will have an "Action-Based" Combat System. Action-Based combat is a type of combat mode that allows players to manually target their abilities and use flexible movements like dodging and evading. This allows the player to reposition themselves with an advantage over their enemy in combative scenarios. As opposed to "Click-to-Target" combat, Action-Based combat requires a player to carefully aim and be within range of their targets hitbox, before triggering their skills in order for abilities to successfully land.
Skills can be used to damage opponents or aid the user and their allies in attempt to win a battle. The Skill Bar is where a player can use an ability to engage in offensive or defensive actions. It can carry a maximum of eight different skills. Four slots will be reserved for Class Specific Abilities and the remaining four slots will be reserved for Weapon Based Abilities.
Mock Layout of Abilities
Currently, only one set of weapons and one set of abilities (4) is planned for the first implementation of the game prototype. More skills will be added to the Class-Ability and Weapons-Ability pools in future game updates.