World Building

Brief introduction to the history of the world and player experience
After 200 years of oppression, Hanzo was able to end the reign of the Four Masters and bring a new era of peace to the country. But peace was always an illusion and Hanzo was unaware of the price he had to pay for this.
Decades after the rebellion, the player begins his journey training as a Novice at the Three Schools of Hanzo: studying Spiritual, Martial and Innovative Arts. This was the way of Hanzo; his rigorous training in each area of study allowed him to challenge the Four Masters. In honour of Hanzo, his children opened up the schools, and vowed to pass on the knowledge that brought great strength to those brave enough to train for generations.
Each year, graduation is celebrated on the Ceremonial Day in memory of Hanzo. As students begin to participate in the festival joys, a forgotten darkness threatens to plunge the land into chaos once again.