In-game Economy

Traditional MMORPG’s offer the ability to create extensive in-game economies where players are able to hone their skills and directly benefit from their efforts through trade on a marketplace. In community-driven economies, players feel every minute of their time spent grinding and collecting resources for crafting is meaningful as their inputs directly influence someone else’s experience.
Blockchain technology adds to this experience, as player’s will be able to earn token and NFT rewards that they truly own for their hard work. Tokens and NFTs can be traded outside of the game on a decentralized exchange or on virtual marketplaces for monetary value.
The Hanzo MMORPG economy will continue to evolve as crucial game design decisions are made over the next few months to ensure the development of a sustainable Play to Earn model.
By playing the game, users will receive tokenized rewards for:
  • Completing Quests
  • Crafting/Collecting
  • Staking
  • PVP (Winning Battles/Mini-games)
  • PVE (Dungeons/Raids)